Monday, October 22, 2012

Charming Megan Fox in Maternity and Formal Dresses

It is a late news that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green welcomed their baby boy into the world on September 27. If you've even seen a photo of Megan Fox in any form then you know she has this unique mark of appeal in the form of a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her body. Yes, Megan is sexy and charming. Many girls also want to dresses as Megan. Here I collect some pictures of Megan, from maternity to formal, let us enjoy Megan's beauty once again.
Megan Dresses
The first one is a casual cloth in light blue. The dress can be dressed in daily life and you can see bump clearly. This dress with long sleeves is the first choice for pregnant women in early autumn.
Megan Dresses

Megan was on the "The Tonight Show" and in that time she was in the early time of her pregnant. Wearing short cute dress with stunning beaded on the skirt, Megan was so charming and alluring.
Megan Dresses

In little red short dresses Megan had a recent interview with Manhattan magazine, and she said that she would rather make a bad movie with good people than the other way around.

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